virtual hostess proietta

It is an innovative way to communicate with customers and can be an original information support service for all kinds of applications.



The video works on a figure that, in rear projection, allows you to transmit video and advertising messages to accommodate the audience, tell stories, even in different languages​​, illustrate commercial offers, give directions to orient in the environment, provide information for specific services, etc.

The figure is available in various types and can be customized on request for specific figures such as a testimonial, cartoons, etc.



Effective and engaging in its many versions, it adapts to any environment and any business need: promotions, games and competitions, product launches, information points, digital signage.



The virtual hostess allows you to attract the attention of customers at point of sale, optimizing the outcome of promotional initiatives.

Visual communication is of great impact on the attending audience, offering a great alternative to the usual video devices


virtual hostess example santa claus virtual steward virtual hostess santa claus shape