PROIETTA srl designs and manufactures architectural projectors ideal to convert any building or surface in an extraordinary scenography screen. There are multiple applications: advertising, communication, architectural lighting, christmas installations and events. Passion and creativity are the base of our work, together with the customer we look for the best solution according to the budget, the subjects are always designed for every specific application.


christmas video mapping montreux palace

Montreux Palace Hotel - Switzerland

LOVERE ITALY - Architectural Projections
Paintings of Giampaolo Talani
proiezioni architetturali natalizie per stazione centrale milano

MILANO CENTRALE - Railway Station
Christmas Projections 2015
proiettori natalizi como

COMO - Magic Light Festival 
Christmas projections
castle videomapping and architectural lights

Videomapping and Architectural projection

the floating piers - projections

The Floating Piers 2016

videomapping and projections
singapore grand prix 2017

Advertising projections

COMO - 3D Videomapping - Magic Light festival
videomapping expo


nvidia 3D videomapping

Lucca Comics and Games 2014
3D videomapping for NVIDIA Shield

projection gobo mapping

Projection Mapping

SINGAPORE  Gran Prix  Formula 1 2013 

expo schermi ad acqua

LECCO ITALY - Water screen

Serravalle Outlet - Vogue Fashion's night

Serravalle Outlet - Christmas projections
eataly expo proiezioni

logo projections on water screen

proiezioni colosseo roma

DPA projections of the campaign
DPA - Italy

loghi e proiezioni su piante

IVREA JUST BLU- projections on trees
effetti di luce dinamici per il natale a como

COMO - Magic Light Festival 2013
stadio olimpico evento golden gala proiezioni realizzate da proietta

Architectural projections for GOLDEN
GALA EVENT - Olympic Stadium - Rome

Projections for stand, fair, stores

REEBOK - Projections for the
Rimini Wellness fair 2012

SINGAPORE - Formula 1 Grand Prix 2014 - Pit Building projections

proiettori per grossi eventi, concerti, manifestazioni

Event Support and projections for RED BULL Double Trouble

MOSCOW - christmas projection 2015


Ikea, christmas projections 2010-2011

Projections for IKEA

dettaglio della proiezione del logo red bull

RED BULL - Traffic - Advertising projections

Medieval Reenactment projections
proiezioni scenografiche natalizie per la citta'; di como

Como - Magic
 light festival 2012

La Spezia harbour, projections

Architectural projections for a the Italy's nation anniversary

Architectural projections

architectural projections for museums and avent

Projections for museums

projections for great images

Architectural projection in the biggest Italian's flag

Mall's fixed projections installation

Como magic light festival 2010-2011

Como - Christmas projections for The magic light festival

Lucca, christmas and puccini's anniversary projections

Lucca  - Christmas projections 


projections on bridge

Christmas projections on a bridge


bellinzona, projections on mountain, christmas 2010

Bellinzona (Switzerland)
Christmas projections

Bruxelles- logos projections for Youth
convention on volunteerings

catania international airport projections

Christmas Projections on the Catania airport's tower

Miss muretto event, projections on mountain

Projections of logo on rocks

casino venice 2010-2011, projections

Christmas projections - Casinò of Venice

padova, christmas projections by proietta

Christmas thematics projections

projections on big surface

Du Pont Coragen
Advertising projections on the castle

Oltremare, water effects projections

Water effect and texture projections
for the biggest intalian water park


harbour event projections

In/outdoor projections
opening Mirabello marine event


summer event projections

Projections on the sea and urban space for the landing of the Saracens event


summer event projections on building's wall

Long distance projections for
summer event

levaldigi international airport, projections

Logo projection for the italian bicycle race "Giro d'Italia 2010"

projections on trees and open air disco

Outdoor projections for a Disco Club

venezia casino, proiezioni natale 2011

Christmas projections - Casinò of Venice

Mole, nike event projections

Advertisning projection for Nike/Red
in cooperation with Leo Burnett

lumiq studios projections

Indoor projection with falling stars effect
private event

invicta event projections

Projections for Seven and Invicta event

litfiba concert projections

Litfiba concert in Milan - logo's projection on the stage background 

prada's shop logo projections 

Projection of Prada's logo f
or a Prada Store
500 fiat logo projections

Projection of 500 FIAT logo

zb big distance projectios

Montecarlo - Long distance projections with the projector Monster 2500

projections for herbalife event 2009

Indoor projections for Herbalife event


art installations projections

Projector Shark 575 for art installations


christmas projections

Greate images projections
in urban space

christmas projections

Christmas dynamic images projections

progections for events

Indoor Christmas projection
christmas projection

Projections of christmas themes with
the projectors  Monster 2000
winter olympics games

Projection of Winter
Olympics games logos

Basic Village Turin projections christmas 2011

Falling stars and logos customized effetcs projected on a big store

mercatone uno, falling stars effect

Falling stars effects for commercial center

Projections on mall, etanapolis

Falling stars effect with the projector Monster 2500

Bologna's iternational airport, christmas 2011

Outdoor projections for the international airport of Bologna (Italy)

projections private club

Indoor projections of texture
and lights effects

genova, christmas 2010, projections 

Christmas graphics projections


Reebok projections, advertising

Advertising projections for Reebok

projections for carrera's concert

Josè Carreras Concert - logo's projection on the stage  background

Aosta, roman theatre, sound and projections  light show

Lights effects and gobos projected on a
Roman Theatre

lucca, christmas ad puccini's festival projections

Projections for the Puccini's celebration

projections on hotels

Reebok - Projections of Reebok logos
on the I suite Hotel

light and sounds show in the cave

Lights ad Sounds Show in the cave

proiezioni a lunga distanza

St Maurice- Long distance projections
Proiezioni natalizie scenografiche realizzate a livgno

Livigno - Christmas projections  2012

proiezioni pubblicitarie

QC TERME MILANO - Projections of Haribo

PROIETTA has illuminated the Shopping Centre The Pyramids of Vicenza for all the Christmas period.

Le Piramidi shopping center - christmas projections
supporto per eventi

Milan CNCC 30th celebration - event support

CARNIVAL OF VENICE  - Proietta lights up the Venice Casino

MILANO - Projections for Poliform

Milan QC SPA - Water effect projection
videomapping casa natale victor hugo

BESANCON ( France ) - Video Mapping
Museum Victor Hugo
projections for rotary international

Rotary International - long distance 
projections for END POLIO NOW event

Christmas 2013
baku advertising projections

AZERBAIJAN/BAKU - Architectural Projection - Baku Convention Center 
Qatar/Doha - Febr 18/2015 - Architectural projection - Blue Saloon Luxury Mall

QATAR/DOHA - Luxury Mall
 Architectural projection - Blue Saloon 

ABBVIE ROMA - indoor videoprojections and event support

BESANCON - Le tour de France 2014
long distance projections
kuwait_city_ celebrations festive lights

KUWAIT CITY - celebrative projections

PHILIPS SINT TRUIDEN - art installation

CERN GINEVA - videoprojections and event support

RED BULL - AUSTRIA - freestyle ski competition  - advertising projections