Architects, stage designers lighting designers and event organizers are using PROIETTA's projectors for temporary or permanent installations.
High-power projectors such as PROIETTA Monster 700/1500W and 2500W metal halide allow staging solutions with light effects, dynamic projections and other special effects.
To projectors of images you can integrate video projectors for interactive projections and 3D video mapping.
With multiple projectors in series you can get scenographies of variable sizes and without limits, transforming buildings, monuments and various surfaces in spectacular displays of great emotional impact.


PHILIPS SINT TRUIDEN - art installation

GINEVA - videoprojections and event support


projections for rotary international

Rotary International - long distance 
projections for END POLIO NOW event


Shopping village le gru, christmas projections

Mall's fixed projections installation


La Spezia harbour, projections

Architectural projections for a the Italy's 
nation anniversary

Architectural projections

Mole, nike event projections

Advertisning projection for Nike/Red
in cooperation with Leo Burnett 

Architectural projections for great events

Architectural projection in the
biggest Italian's flag

stadio olimpico evento golden gala proiezioni realizzate da proietta

Architectural projections for the GOLDEN
GALA EVENT - Olympic Stadim - Rome

lumiq studios projections

Indoor projection with falling stars
private event

Oltremare, water effects projections

Water effect and texture projections
for the biggest intalian water park

summer event projections

Projections on the sea and urban space
for t
he landing of the Saracens event

harbour event projections

In/outdoor projections
opening Mirabello marine event

summer event projections

Long distance projections for
summer event

projections for herbalife event

Indoor projections for Herbalife event

levaldigi international airport, projections

Logo projection for the italian bicycle race
"Giro d'Italia 2010"


projections on tree

Christmas projections on a bridge

projections private club

Indoor projections of texture
and lights effects

Lucca, christmas and puccini's anniversary projections

Projections for the Puccini's celebration

Miss muretto event, projections on mountain

Projections of logo on rocks

Aosta, roman theatre, sound and projections  light show

Lights effects and gobos projected
on a Roman Theatre

projections on trees and disco

Outdoor projections for a Disco Club

stadio olimpico evento golden gala proiezioni realizzate da proietta

Architectural projections for GOLDEN
GALA EVENT - Olympic Stadium - Rom

Milan QC SPA - Water effect projection