Why to choose a Proietta's projectors?

Proietta s.r.l. produces projectors since 1993, an experience that guarantees quality and reliability, technology and Italian creativity exported all over the world.Production, sale, rental, technical design and creative editing, assembling.
We are specialized in temporary and fixed installations indoor / outdoor with solutions just for rental plants or "all inclusive", where we think about everything, from plan to  installation to make spectacular any type of event.


How can I understand if the building's facade is appropriate for a projection?

The fastest way is calling us and eventually define a meeting to examine directly the best solution to fit your needs. Sending us a picture of the potential area to illuminate, it will be more easy to find immediately the projector to use and settle an indicative cost.


What is the difference between a projector of images and a videoprojector?

The choice between a videoprojector and an image projector, depending on the type of application.The Proietta image projectors use images and graphics engraved on steel or tempered glass (gobo).
These machines are simple to use and convenient to manage.
The videoprojectors can project movies through DVD or computer files.

Compared to an image projector 1200/2000W Monster, the cost of a projector of equal brightness (ANSI lumens) is higher by about 8 / 10 times

Can be projected more images at once with a Proietta's projectors, or create special effects in motion?

It can project more images, up to six per projector, accessory and image switch device. It also available an extensive catalog of special effects with dynamic images as fallen stars, water effect, musical notes on the move, image rotation, etc.. 


Which is the criterion for identifying the model of projector that suits my needs?


Depending on the size of the image you want to achieve is possible to suggest the type ofprojector used. For images of 2 / 3 meter diameter model Visual 150W (indoors) or 2 / 6 meters Shark 575W indoor / outdoor. Sizes up to 20/30 meters in diameter can be obtained with the models Proietta 1200/2000W Monster. In very bright or a very large projection distance using the Proietta Monster 2500W .

The image quality is due to various parameters such as:

-ambient light
-sized projection
-type of wall / screen projection
-type of projected image

By submitting a photograph of the area you want illuminate, will be more easy to identify the correct projector to use  and establish a cost orientation.
What’s the distance from the wall / screen you have to install the projectors?

The projectors have the same optical characteristics of cameras, closer you get to the wall/ screen, more the image is small and the same is for the contrary.
With standard lenses we recommend 15/30 meters, a range of optional lenses allows projections entertainment visit variables, however, very great distances or close up to 1000 meters.
A mirror placed in the catalog Technical Project page "optional lenses," presents the proportions of various distance / diameter measurement of projection according to the type of lens used.

 Is there an ideal height to install the projector? 

More you are at the center of the front projection better it is. It's recommended to install projectors at a height of over 3.50 meters for safety reasons.
If for installation problems I have to project very angolated laterally or firmly from the bottom to the top, will the image be deformed?
As more as you are angolated with respect to the centre of the projection, more you will have an ”escape” of the projected image. The defect will be less clear in case of fantasy graphics, or it is possible to correct the image to print in order to project it in the right way by indicating the following parameters:

- distance from installation point of projector to centre of projection
- distance between the projector and the facade/screen
- position of horizontal projector with respect of the centre of projection
- distance from the centre of the image vertical with respect to the project


PROIETTA realizes plans of videoprojection mapping 3D and interactive projections on floors and walls.
We have a great experience in installations indoor / outdoor with solutions just for rental plants or "all inclusive", where we think about everything, from plan to installation to make spectacular any type of event.