Invoice and material sending: Viale dei Mareschi 4/d 10051 Avigliana - Turin -  ITALY

phone: (+39) 011 9761039
fax : (+39) 011 9761099
V.A.T: IT 09964950019

In 1993, Cristiano and Carlo Pigino begin to design and produce the first image projectors.In a short time the production has grown very powerful in projection systems capable of illuminating large spaces.
Today  Proietta has the new headquarter in Avigliana, about 20 minutes from Turin (Italy).
An area of over 800 square meters where it produces professional projectors that sells and rents in Italy and in all continents, from China to Brazil, Russia, the Middle East.
A technical staff and creative design for special eventstemporary or fixed lighting installations
Our large showroom allow to see the endless possibilities to project images and video.

Write for more information and quotations to info@proietta.com:  download and fill  the contact form

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Project manager: 
Cristiano Pigino

Marketing office/Project
Marco Murtas

Daniela Nesta


Production Manager:
Fulvio Barbetti


Technical Manager:
Valter Schivo


Gobos engineer:
Matteo Pertusio

Valentino Negrea

Lighting technician:
Massimiliano Nesta

Graphic designer:
Alessandra Sartoris

Silvana Sotira

daniele arcabascio

Gobos engineer and
Graphic Designer:

Daniele Arcabascio

Highway TORINO - BARDONECCHIA output AVIGLIANA EST, at the traffic roundabout take the first exit, second traffic roundabout first exit and go straight. At the third traffic roundabout first exit than follow the road and pass the flyover. At the traffic lights turn left and continue along Viale Mareschi; follow it almost to the end, the establishment is located near Einstein street on the left side of the avenue.
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